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Notranjska is truly unique and the local craft is a reflection of it. An almost endless amount of caves, vast forests, numerous hills, and a disappearing lake; these all define this karst landscape. But first, you need to know what the locals have to offer. With the App, you can search for a nearby restaurant, find places to rent boats, go paddling on the 2nd biggest lake in Slovenia (when full) or simply go for a coffee. There are many things to see and experience while you stop by for a visit, and with this App, we wish to promote and highlight all the people that craft these experiences in Notranjska. It currently covers services within the municipalities of Cerknica, Loška Dolina and Bloke.

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RSTeam is a progressing company, who wants to keep its business up-to-date and help its customers respond to rapid changes in the modern industry. The stories are a valuable resource for those looking to develop their own mobile apps.

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RSTeam covers the local area of Slovenia and works with such international giants as Google, Hiconvencion and Europol. Recently we worked on project mCOBISS, where our team manipulated with big amounts of data and exchanging data with mobile applications. Currently, mCOBISS includes 440 libraries in the system with almost 13 million records and half a million searches per year. Moreover, we worked on mobile development together with Tušmobil, the third largest local cellular service provider, and many other companies.

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We develop applications for mobile, web, wearables, and TV.







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