Development and Security

We offer iOS, Android, web development and security services together with quality assurance.



We provide native application development in Swift and Objective-C for all Apple platforms.



We use the Kotlin and Java programming languages to create native apps for Android smartphones, Android Wear, and Android TV.



We provide both frontend and backend development services. Our web development team specializes in JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, Angular, and React.



We provide a full range of offensive and defensive information security services customized designed to help you defend against internal and external cyber risks.

How the Magic Happens


Besides using prototyping apps such as Origami or Framer and sketching screens on paper, we design prototypes from the ground up. We start implementing them as soon as we get your approval.


We believe that code can be beautiful and we are constantly improving our developer skills to combine the code with efficient software to deliver the best results.


We follow a continuous delivery approach to rapidly deliver business value to our clients. Continuous delivery helps us minimize the risks associated with a release, improve productivity, and bring transparency to our development processes.

Apps for Big Screens

We Know Web Development A-Z

We recognize the difference between knowing something about web development and truly mastering it.

Cloud applications we create can be as a collection of services or just coupled modules. The microservice structure offers the flexibility to change the modules easily without affecting the rest of the application’s components.
We choose the databases according to customer’s demands and system design. We specialize in SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB) databases. And make sure all our web applications are able to store and retrieve data fast and accurately.
We choose the framework to use based on the following criteria: ability to solve common problems, speed of development and adaptability with emerging technologies. We specialize in the Express, Angular, React, Elixir, Laravel, Symfony2 and other frameworks.
RSTeam believes that reliable infrastructure is an essential for any effective project. Besides that, we also consider performance, scalability, cost, and ease of management when choosing an infrastructure service provider. Our most used cloud infrastructures are EC2, RDS, S3 and DynamoDB.

We Have Expertise in Your App Category

Applications for travel, business, shopping, and more.







Health & Fitness


Photo & Video

Food & Drink




We provide a full range of offensive and defensive information security services customized designed to help you defend against internal and external cyber risks.

Animated World Map

Security Risk Assessment

RSTeam's mission is to assess your company's risk and threat levels, and then provide a full counter measure and prevention plan to protect your business.

Network Security Audit

We identify and inspect network vulnerabilities for both internal and external (Internet facing) systems to find out whether they can be exploited by an attacker.

Website Security Audit

We make a manual assessment of your web application and testing for SQL injections and OWASP vulnerabilities. Moreover, we check folders, debug code, leftover source code, and resource files to find sensitive information which can be used to gain unauthorized access.

Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing allows us to identify critical flaws in your network that could potentially leave sensitive data open to attackers.

Digital Forensic Investigations

Our RSTeam team of expert forensic analysts are capable of assessing websites, servers, digital media and computer systems in order to keep your network safe.

Emergency support

In case of emergency, our team is available 24/7 to individually identify points of exposure, eliminate risks and resume business operations as quickly as possible.


We recognize that ensuring the quality and high level of security and information protection are crucial for the modern business. We offer source code security check of software written in any programming language in order to protect your business from potential unauthorized access by attackers. Our solutions and services are provided in accordance with the requirements of the information security standard ISO / IEC 27001.

Data restoration

Hard drives are present in all personal and laptop computers. Hard drives store your information and they are all exposed to different kinds of data loss (accidental deletion, malware, and others). We can help you in such cases. We can restore the data from ordinary hard drives and solid state drives (SSD) too.

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